Hello and welcome to the DearNurseTina.com website!

This site and the information on it is about caregiving from a professional and personal caregiver’s perspectives. Professional, because I am a nurse who knows about care in the home and making the complex understandable, and personal, because I too am and have been a caregiver. From being a writer for many years of books and other products and publications I have the skill of making information accessible. This column is to help support you through self-care and as you care for others. This site and its information does not offer any medical or specific health care advice – nor is this in anyway a substitute for seeking professional advice from your personal health provider. And, I encourage you to do so should you have any questions about your personal health care.

This is information that helps you make the best decisions as you navigate your way around our antiquated and increasingly complex  health care system –and I seek to focus more on health than illness when I can – there are many things that readers can do to become knowledgeable and empower themselves. Knowledge is power and this is nowhere more important and true than in health care. I welcome your thoughts and thank you!



Tina Marrelli, MSN, MA, RN, FAAN