Does my child or adolescent need Educational Therapy?

The need for educational therapy may be identified in a number of ways.

If your child or adolescent has never been identified by specialists or school personnel, you may have observed some of the following indicators:

  • Early ear infections, delay in learning language, and difficulty maintaining concentration, remembering, and/or paying attention.
  • Loss of self-esteem regarding school performance.
  • Resistance going to school or participating in normal childhood activities.
  • Lack of progress at school and questions about ability to learn or to benefit from school.
  • Extreme amount of time and parent support to get homework tasks done.
  • Struggles with homework and school assignments that increase as schoolwork becomes harder.
  • Discouragement and withdrawal.

If your child or adolescent has been identified by a specialist or school personnel, you may still find that:

  • your child appears to require additional individualized interventions beyond those offered at school.
  • your child is receiving services from multiple specialists, and you need assistance in coordinating services.
  • you need assistance in interpreting reports and recommendations from various specialists who work with your child.

Source: The Association of Educational Therapists